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Makali Lepholisa, Commissioner Customs and Chair of Heads of Border Agencies says:

Updated on : 24-03-2014

Heads of Border Agencies Welcome Portal

On behalf of the Heads of Border Agencies (HoBA), it is my great pleasure to welcome the new Lesotho Trade Portal (LTP)

This marks a significant statement of intent to promote a transparent approach to border management. Each member agency has already contributed to the content and is deeply committed to maintaining the accuracy and topicality of the content.

The LTP also supports the broader strategy of the HoBA Member Agencies to develop a simpler co-operative approach to border management with the aim of developing common simplified systems and controls to reduce the burden on business. The news section of the LTP will be a major tool in disseminating and asking for stakeholder engagement in this development process

To our business stakeholders and other border users I challenge you to make full use of the LTP both to seek out the information you require and to also provide feedback on the benefits of the LTP and areas for improvement.

The LTP marks also a step forward in using modern technological approaches to keep stakeholders and border staff updated and informed. HoBA will continue to strongly promote the further development of this approach.

Finally I would like to offer my thanks and congratulations to the LRA and OBFC staff that have developed the Portal

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