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Title: Importation and Exportation of Livestock and Livestock Products (Amendment) Act 1984
Type: Law
Issuing Agency: National Assembly
Responsible Agency: Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security
Issuing Date: 19-06-1984

Supplement No.2 to Gazette No. 29 of 3rd August, 1984

 Importation and Exportation of Livestock and Livestock 

ACT NO.21 OF 1984


 [Date of Assent : 19.6.84]

Products Proclamation (Amendment) Act 1984

Act No.21 of 1984

 Published by the Authority of the Prime Minister

1.Short title

2. Amendment of Section 1 of Proclamation 57 of 1952

3. Amendment of Section 2 of Proclamation 57 of 1952

4.Amendment of Proclamation57 of 1952


 Importation And Exportation of Livestock And Livestock products Proclamation (Amendment) Act 1984 


 To amend the Importation and Exportation of Livestock and Livestock Products Proclamation 1952. Enacted by the Assembly.

Short title 1. This Act may be cited as the Importation and Exportation of Livestock and Livestock Products (Amendment) Act 1984.
Amendment of Section 1 of Proclamation 57 of 1952.

2. Section 1 of the Principal Law is amended by:

(a) deleting the interpretation of “livestock products” and substituting the following: “livestock products” mean

(i) meat or meat products (except heat-processed meat and meat products in hermitically sealed containers );

(ii) milk and milk products;

(iii) eggs;

(iv) unprocessed hides, skins, bones, horns, hooves, feathers or hair of livestock including wool and mohair.

(v) Honey or bees wax.”Top

(b)  Inserting after the interpretation of “livestock products” the following; ‘Notifiable disease’ means any disease referred in this Act or in regulations made under it, for which notification is required under the Act;

(c)  “Undesirable livestock” means:

(i) Any livestock considered by an inspecting officer to be lacking in constitution, size, confirmation, soundness and type for the improvement of livestock in Lesotho and include bastard sheep and boer goats: and

(ii) Any livestock which originates from a country or part of a country from which imports are restricted.

(d) inserting after the interpretation of “undesirable livestock” the following: “undesirable livestock products” means-

(i) Livestock products which are harmful to human or animal health;

(ii) Livestock products originating from a country or part of a country from which imports are restricted.Top

Amendment of Section 2 of Proclamation 57 of 1952

3. Section 2 of the Principal Law is amended by:

(a) repealing and replacing subsection (3) by the following: “(3) No permit shall be granted for undesirable livestock products”;

(b) by deleting the colon appearing in sub-section (4) and substituting a full-stop;

(c) repealing the proviso appearing in sub-section (4).

Amendment of Proclamation 57 of 1952

4. The Principal Law is amended by the insertion after section 5 of the following:

“Prohibition Of exports

5A. The principal Veterinary officer may by notice in gazette, direct that no permit shall be granted under section 2 for the exportation of any livestock and livestock products any species of livestock or kind of livestock products, from any part of Lesotho, if any outbreak of a notifiable disease occurs for which an export prohibition is required”Top


List Measures/Standards

Name Description Status Measures/Standards Measure Class
Veterinary Import Permit for Live Animals and Animal Products This process represents the procedure for obtaining a permit to import live animals/animal products. The permit is in the form of a formal document (serialized with a prescribed format). As per the Animal Disease Act (Act No. 1984), all citizens and non-citizen living in Lesotho may import animals and animal derived products, which are considered to be safe, into Lesotho. Importation is subject to compliance with relevant import requirements, as stipulated on veterinary import permit. Permits are not required for import of meat products of weight less than 10kg. Active Measure Goods
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