Due to the increasing burden of public health emergencies of international concern that spread across borders through the importation of food, chemicals, drugs/medicines and movement of persons, goods, cargo and conveyances which pose a risk to public health in Lesotho and under IHR (2005), the Ministry of Health over a decade ago decided to establish port health programme to control these events. The document provides traders and travellers together with other agencies based at the PoE to predict compliance with the guidelines.

Updated on : 16-04-2024


guidelines include:

  • providing primary and secondary screening of travellers crossing the PoE to prevent and control public health emergencies of international concern;
  • referring ill travellers to an appropriate health facility;
  • providing access to appropriate medical services including diagnostic facilities located so as to allow for prompt assessment and care of ill travellers;
  • providing a safe environment for travellers using point of entry (food safety and hygiene controls around PoE and in the conveyances crossing PoE; pollution control inclusive of health care waste; water testing and sanitary inspection of the water systems; hygiene, sanitation and functionality of sanitary facilities; vector control and their reservoirs);
  • controlling importation of food, medicines and drugs including chemicals;
  • monitoring safe transportation of human remains;

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