Legal Document

Title: SARPCCO Standard Operating Procedures
Type: Provision
Issuing Agency: Ministry of Police and Public Safety
Responsible Agency: Ministry of Police and Public Safety
Issuing Date: 02-08-2008



In terms of Article 5(3)(c) of the SADC Protocol on the Control of Firearms, Ammunition and Other Related Materials, procedures for the import of firearm shipments must be co-ordinated by State Parties.


The movement of firearms, ammunition and other related material must be strictly controlled, therefore it is imperative to standardise the import procedures in the SADC region.

2.1 Applicant · The applicant must complete the prescribed application form · The information on the application must include: - The details of the supplier/importer - Quantity of firearms to be imported Firearm details of the firearm/s that stand to be imported including: - Type - Caliber - Serial number and - Make · Ammunition details: - Type - Caliber - Quantity - Make · An individual/private importer, who is not a dealer, must: - Produce a relevant competency certificate from a registered authority - Provide fingerprints to police

2.2 Firearms Officer · The relevant firearms officer must verify the completeness of the form · The relevant firearms officer must verify the applicant’s ‘stock on hand’, if applicable, to establish if the applicant has reason to import the proposed firearms and/or ammunition. · The relevant firearms officer must: - Verify the correctness and validity of supporting documentation - Verify the validity of the registration/certificate/license - Physically check the firearm when received by applicant to verify that the particulars of the firearm were correctly recorded

2.3 Other Role Players ·

The following categories of people are involved during the importation of firearms and ammunition:

- Customs officials

- Department of Foreign Affairs

- Local firearms officers

 - Firearms registry

List Measures/Standards

Name Description Status Measures/Standards Measure Class
SARPCCO Certificate Obtainable at the ministry of Police Active Measure Goods
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