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Procedure NameBusiness registration


Company Registration

Responsible Agency       

One-Stop Business Facilitation Centre

Address:  Director OBFC and Registrar of Companies, One-Stop Business Facilitation Centre
Ministry of Trade and Industry, P.O. Box 747, Maseru 100

Phone:  (+266) 22326647

Fax:(+266) 22310326

Official Website:

Legal Base of the Procedure

Companies Act No 18 of 2011

Companies Regulations 2012.

Processing Time

Register as a user on the OBFC's company registration system; Min.   5mn - Max.  55mn

Name reservation; Max.  5mn

Company Registration; Min.1 day - Max. 2 days 


Name reservation; LSL 30

Incorporation fees; LSL 500(Via Credit Card)

Required Documents

Name Reservation;


Type of information



Original copy of the Advice form


Company Registration;


Type of information



Online form



Form 01A - List of shareholders

Signed by all shareholders


Form 08 - Director's consent 



LRA form - Director's details

5 Certified Originals of National ID Card/Passport/Driver's license Of the director(s) and the shareholder(s)
6 Certified Copy of the Ante-nuptial contract  Of the director(s) married out of community of property
7 Original copy of the Affidavit

if a shareholder is under 18 years old

8 Original copy of the Certificate of incorporation  if a shareholder is an active company
9 Original copy of the Power of attorney when the incorporation is done by an attorney on behalf of directors and shareholders

Process Steps


The applicant needs to register as a user on the One-Stop Business Facilitation Centre's company registration system (


Reserve a company name at One-Stop Business Facilitation(Optional)


The applicant opens an application to incorporate a Lesotho private company at

The applicant has 5 working days to provide all the relevant information (General details, Addresses, Officers, Shares and shareholders, Allocations, Documents)


The applicant pays the incorporation fees

By credit card or by using the money available on his/her online account (previously credited with a cash deposit at OBFC).


The processing officer at OBFC reviews the application.

If any revisions are required, the officer sends a notification to the applicant (5 working days to revise)


If approved, The applicant is informed by mail that the company incorporation has been completed. 

The applicant receives the certificate of incorporation (with the company name, date of incorporation, registration number, TIN, and validation code) and automated particulars of the company (with articles of association)

All these documents are made available online at on the applicant's account. He/she can download from the online account a company extract (that is not sent by mail).



1. If no specific articles of incorporation are submitted by the company, the model of articles of incorporation developed by the Registrar is automatically registered (Act 2011, Article 87.4)

2.Tax Registration

  • The information provided to the Registrar for the incorporation of a company will be shared with the Lesotho Revenue Authority in order that the company can automatically be registered as a taxpayer. Confirmation of the tax registration will be provided with the incorporation certificate
  • As and when the company takes on employees, it will still necessary for them to be registered separately for PAYE purposes.

3. Name reservation is optional. It is done online at The payment can be done online by credit card or by a cash or debit card deposit at OBFC.

4. The name reservation is valid for 60 days. The reserved name will be used by the applicant when the company is actually incorporated






The following form/s are used in this procedure
TitleDescriptionCreated DateUpdated DateIssued By
List of shareholders – Ordinary shares 06-11-202013-11-2020Ministry of Trade and IndustryThis is Dowload File
Consent to act as a company director 06-11-202013-11-2020Ministry of Trade and IndustryThis is Dowload File
For the purpose of reserving a name for company registration06-11-202013-11-2020Ministry of Trade and IndustryThis is Dowload File
This is for Tax purposes only06-11-202006-11-2020Lesotho Revenue AuthorityThis is Dowload File
This procedure applies to the following measures
NameMeasure TypeAgencyDescriptionCommentsLegal DocumentValidity ToMeasure Class
Business registrationGeneralOBFCCompanies are registered by the office of the Registrar Companies (Registrar) at OBFC. The companies are incorporated under Companies Act No 18 of 2011 and Companies Regulations 2012.The Registrar will provide the company with Standard Model Articles and Particulars of the Company, but a company can develop its own articles.Companies Act NO. 18 OF 201131-12-9999Good