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Procedure NameSummary
Trader-Firearm Import PermitTrader-Firearm Import Permit
SARPCCO CertificateThis procedure is used prior to exporting Motor Vehicles to SADC member states and also proving that the motor vehicle has not been reported stolen.
Medicines – Import Permit To regulate the Importation of medicines and Medical devices (Pharmaceutical products) and to ensure that they are of good quality, safety and efficacy and meet international health standards.
Habit Forming Drugs/Psychotropic – Import PermitHabit Forming Drugs/Psychotropic – Import Permit
Mining LeaseTo regulate Mining Industry in Lesotho large scale mining is provided with lease
Prospecting LicenseTo regulate Mining Industry in Lesotho
Liquor LicenceLiquor License for Off Sales
Permit for transporting goods (F-permit/cross border permit)To regulate the movement of goods and their compatibility with the mode of transport within SACU and SADC members states.
Carbotage permit-short time permitTo protect the local market on the use of movable Machinery by the Foreign Contractors working in Lesotho.
Work PermitOffers work permit to non-Lesotho citizens willing to offer their services in Lesotho
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