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NameRequirements to obtian an import for dairy products
DescriptionPerson wishing to import diary products to Lesotho shall obtain a permit for dairy products
Validity From08-02-1993
Validity To31-12-2020
Technical Code
AgencyLesotho National Dairy Board
Created Date2020-09-10 08:52:13
Updated Date2020-11-19 14:36:12
Measure TypePermit Requirement
Legal/RegulationLegal Notice No. 246 of 1991 Agricultural Marketing (Establishment of a National Dairy Board) Regulations, 1991
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Import permit for dairy products Import permit for dairy products Import/ExportView


This measure applies to commodity/s
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HS CodeDescription
Other dairy spreads
Other dairy spreads
Cheese and curd, fresh (unripened or uncured) cheese, including whey cheese and curd
Grated or powdered cheese, of all kinds
Processed cheese, not grated or powdered
Blue-veined cheese and other cheese containing veins produced by penicillum Roqueforti
Cheddar Cheese Imported from Switzerland
Other Cheddar cheese
Gouda cheese imported from Switzerland
Other Gouda Cheese
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