If you are an importer wishing to import commercial goods into Lesotho you should, first of all, be a company registered with the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Cooperatives and Marketing

Prohibited goods

Prohibitions and restrictions are imposed for the purposes of market security, health, cultural and  economic consideration. When importing goods to Lesotho, importers have to ensure that their goods do  not fall under either of the two categories; prohibited or restricted goods as they can neither be imported,  exported and circulated within Lesotho without authorization from the appropriate authorities. 
Prohibited and Restricted Goods 
  •  In the case of alcoholic beverages importers have to apply for the import permit from the Ministry of Tourism. 
 The controlled commodities are: Beer, Spirits and Wines. 
  • For agricultural products a permit is obtainable form the Ministry of Agriculture and  Food Security, and the commodities in question are: Pulses, Sugar in Bulk, Livestock,  Eggs, More than 10litres of Milk, More than 10 kilograms of all types of Meat, More than  5 loaves of Bread, More than 2 kilograms of Fruits and Vegetables 
  • Medications such as habit forming drugs require a permit for movement across the  borders, and the permit may be obtainable from the Ministry of Health. 
  • The Ministry of Trade and Industry, Cooperatives and Marketing regulates importation  of goods imported from outside the Southern African Custom Unions member states and  such commodities include items such as motor vehicles, tyres, tiles and second hand  clothes.

    Import Permit

    An Import permit is a pre–requisite authorization for importation or exportation of the restricted commodities. As an importer or exporter one has to ensure that the goods in question fall within the appropriate classification prior to the arrival of the consignment at the border. However where goods intended for importation / exportation does not fall within the prohibitions and restrictions one may directly submit the declaration documents to customs.
  • ‚ÄčImport Permit for goods originating from Extra SACU visit Ministry of Trade and Industry, Cooperatives and Marketing
  • Import Permit for Agricultural goods visit the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security
  •  Import Permit for alcoholic products visit the Ministry of Tourism, Environment and Culture
  • Import Permit for Medicinal goods visit the Ministry of Health

Pre clearance

This is one of the Customs processes whereby clearance of goods is conducted prior to the arrival of the  goods to Lesotho, followed by release upon arrival of the commodities in question. The Customs offices  at which this type of service is offered are the State Ware house and the Maseru Railway Station. 

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