Legal Document

Title: Companies Act NO. 18 OF 2011
Type: Act
Issuing Agency: Ministry of Trade and Industry
Responsible Agency: OBFC
Issuing Date: 02-09-2011

Companies Act 2011

An Act to provide for standard and adaptable requirements for the incorporation, organisation, operation and liquidation of companies; to define the relationship between companies and their shareholders, directors and creditors; to encourage efficient and responsible management of companies; to protect shareholders and creditors against abuse of management power; to provide for registration of external companies in Lesotho; to set out responsibilities of the Registrar of Companies and to provide for incidental matters. 


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Download English: Companies Act NO. 18 OF 2011

List Measures/Standards

Name Description Status Measures/Standards Measure Class
Business registration Companies are registered by the office of the Registrar Companies (Registrar) at OBFC. The companies are incorporated under Companies Act No 18 of 2011 and Companies Regulations 2012. Active Measure Goods
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