ASYCUDA Registration Process for external users


ASYCUDA Registration Process for external users

Updated on : 01-07-2014

ASYCUDA Registration Process for external users



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 Lesotho Revenue Authority

ASYCUDA Registration Process for external users


Registration Requirement 

The Lesotho Revenue Authority (LRA) is introducing electronic customs declaration using ASYCUDA World system. In order to submit declarations, all users need to have access to the ASYCUDA World System, which can be accessed free of charge from the Lesotho ASYCUDA Website.  

To be able to access the system registration is required. Interested users should complete and sign a registration form (Form ASY 1), a copy of which can be downloaded here and from the Lesotho Revenue Authority website.

The Registration Form should be completed legibly in dark ink and signed by a senior manager of the company. It is possible to nominate multiple users from organisations/companies, and each will be issued with their own individual USER ID. A passport sized photograph will be needed for each individual user that is nominated. One person is to be nominated as a contact person for all ASYCUDA matters.

Return of registration document

In order to qualify to obtain access to the system and to receive the training, applicants must scan the completed and signed registration form and accompanying photographs and send it to Mr. Retšelisitsoe Mporo, as soon as possible, and no later than 30th June 2014.  Failure to return the form could lead to you not being able to use the Maputsoe Bridge border post where the system will be piloted.

The hard copy of the registration form should also be submitted to any LRA Advice Centre by 7th July 2014.

Confirmation of registration

The nominated contact point will be issued with the USER ID(s) needed to use the system. User IDs are specific to the individual user and should never be published or shared.


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