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The LesothoTrade Portal is the single stop point for all information relating to import and export into and from Lesotho.

The Lesotho Trade Portal is hosted by the One Stop Business Facilitation Centre on behalf of all the Government agencies involved in the import/export process. On this portal traders will be able to get information about all the regulatory requirements they need to fulfill in order to carry out their transactions.

These regulatory requirements may involve a number of government agencies.  This website will assist you with finding out what is required by each agency in relation to your specific business.

The following are the agencies represented on this website.  If you require further information specifically for one of these agencies you can view each agency's own website by following the links below.

Section One:  Border Ministries and Authorities

Ministry of Mining

The Ministry of Mining has been established to maintain and preserve  Lesotho’s mineral resources and create an environment in which the mineral resources contribute to the country’s socio-economic development. The Ministry provides policy direction for the mining sector and also plays a regulatory role for the exploration and exploitation of such minerals. The Ministry issues permits for importation and exportation of mineral resources. Top 

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Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security


The Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security is responsible for the control of the importation and  exportation of agricultural products to/from Lesotho. 

When importing or exporting goods, foodstuffs or agricultural products you may be required to obtain the relevant permit and/or Sanitary/Phytosanitary certificates from the following departments Top

·    Department of Agriculture Research

·     Department of Livestock 

Ministry of Tourism, Environment and Culture

The Ministry of Tourism, Environment and Culture is an effective and dynamic regulatory authority, delivering a unified approach to economic growth through responsible tourism development, conservation and promotion of Lesotho's environmental and cultural assets.

The Ministry is the custodian of the environmental and cultural heritage on behalf of all Basotho through facilitating responsible and sustainable tourism development in partnership with the private sector and communities, together with effective marketing. MTEC  strives to enhance the attractiveness of Lesotho so that increased numbers of visitors may experience the Basotho warmth of hospitality, to the benefit of the economy through its Lesotho Tourism Development Cooperation (LTDC).

The Ministry upholds, with integrity, its duty of care towards all internal and external stakeholders and resources in the successful performance and delivery of its mandate.

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The Ministry also regulates importation and exportation of alcoholic beverages,as well as the endangered species and is responsible for the issue of permits to enable the import/export of such commodities. Top

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Ministry of Public Works and Transport

The Ministry is responsible for the formulation and monitoring of the efficient and well-developed transport and construction industries that promote investment and reduce poverty in Lesotho.

Department of Traffic and Transport

Through its department of Traffic and Transport, the Ministry is a stakeholder in the import and export business, whereby the department issues permits for Southern African Regional Police Chief Co-Operation (SARPCCO) Clearance, deregistration of motor vehicles aimed for export to the Southern African Development Community (SADC) countries.

Department of Civil Aviation

The Mission of the Department of Civil Aviation is to ensure safety of civil air navigation, to develop and operate a national civil air infrastructure and services, upholding in all activities, sound practices and international standards applicable to civil aviation. Click here for details. Top

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Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health is charged with the responsibility of policy formulation and strategies for the delivery of health services, with the ultimate goal of ensuring that every Mosotho is afforder an access to good health and acceptable quality and productive life and to reduce morbidity and thus contribute to attainment of improved health status among the people of Lesotho.

The Ministry is also responsible for the screening of travellers from disease endemic and or outbreak stricken countries: control of importation and exportation of foodstuffs,medicines/chemicals,human remains and hazardous waste. The  Mission of fthe Ministry is to facilitate an establishment  ans system that delivers quality health care efficiently and equitably for all, through the following principles:

  1. Universal coverage: ensuring optimal access to basic healthcare services to all members of society including those in hard to reach places.
  2. Social Justice: ensuring that those in greatest need have easy access to care.

In so doing the equity  of the MInistry is to ensure that access to care is based on need rather than ability to afford it. The goal of the Health sector, which contributes to the vision of the country's development, is to have a healthy population,living quality and productive life by 2020.Top


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Ministry of Home Affairs

The Ministry of Home Affairs is committed to rendering effective and efficient service in the maintenance of National Registry,Issuance of Identity Cards and Travel Documents, Registration and Marking of Livestock,Regulation of Private Security Companies and Movement of people into and out of Lesoth therein. It manages residence of non-citizens within the counrty. It is responsible for the issue of temporary and long term residency and visas.


Through its Immigration Department, the Ministry regulates the entry, the stay and the departure of people at Lesotho.Top


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Ministry of Trade and Industry, Cooperatives and Marketing

The mandate of the MInistry  is to create and maintain a more equitable and enabling environment for industrial, agri-business and commercial development, through formulating and monitoring the implementation of appropriate commercial,marketing and industrial development policies and enforcing supporting legislation. Establishing institutional frameworks which promote foreign direct investment in terms of the country's commercial,marketing and industrial activities as well as fostering the global competitiveness of Lesotho' economy based on comparative advantage. 


(a) Through the One Stop Business Facilitation Center (OBFC), the Ministry participates in the export and import business facilitating the clearance of extra SACU exports and the issuance of import permits on some goods originating outside the SACU region.Click here for more information.


(b) Through the Department of Marketing the Ministyr is responsible for issuance of import permits relating to some agricultural commodities, for protection of national arkets against the international competitors.

The Department of Marketing's goal is to assist the comercialized of both agricultural sector and non-agricultural sector by leading to efficient markets and efficient allocation of resources in the sectors. Thus the Department of Marketing is geared towards maximising the contribution to national objectives of poverty alleviation,employment creation and food security. The policy intends to package medium-term objectives,that addresses both supply side and demand sid constraints which hinder the efficient allocation of resources and depress relative contribution to the national economy.

(c) Through the Department of Standards and Quality Assurance, the Ministry is madated to support the competitiveness of Lesotho's products and services in the open market  through the provision of quality, standardization and conformity assessment infrastructure with the objectives of ensuring that technical requirements of the markets are met in the most efficient manner.

This mandate will be achieved through the development of appropriate infrastructure on standardization, Quality Assurance, Accreditation and Metrology, on the the ervices provided by the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Cooperatives and Marketing,as well as the OBFC. Top

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The Ministry of Police is mandated with maintenance of law and order, preservation of peace,protection of life and property,detection and prevention of crime,Apprehension of offenders and bring them to justice and perform any other associated purposes.To facilitate trade and travel the LMPS issues permits for SARPCO Clearance as well as permits for imports and exports of firearms and ammunition.Top

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The Lesotho Revenue Authority is the agency mandated with the collection of legitimate taxes; direct and indirect taxes of people, goods and services and for public protection.

At the borders through its Customs department, the LRA controls importation and exportation of goods in and out of Lesotho;protecting the borders from importation of illicit or dangerous goods and managing cross border trade by collecting the lawful trade data.

For all commercial goods entering or leaving the territory of Lesotho a declaration is required.LRA is responsible for the issuance and assessment of declaration documents, and  the receipt of appropriate payment.

LRA is also responsible for the issuance of tax exemption certificates and deffered payment systems at the borders. In some of the smaller border posts such as Sani, LRA so fulfills the role of other border agencies.Top

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Section Two:  Other Important Ministries

Ministry of Finance

The Ministry's core mandate is managemen, supervision and control of fiscal and financial affairs of the Lesotho governemtn including custody,maintenance and care of government assets. The ministry among others aims at providing timely and accurate financial information,guidance and advice in financial and fiscal policy,efficient delivery of services and giving support to parastatal organizations. Top

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The mandate of the Ministry is to establish,promote and maintain good relations between Lesotho and the Internationl Community for the advancement and enhacement of Lesotho's prosperity and for the protection of her sovereignty,independence and territorial intergrity.Top 

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The Ministry of Law Costitutional Affairs and Human Rights is mandated to provide efficient legal services with a view to uphold the rule of law, promote a legally compliant nation and inculcate a culture of respect for human rights.Among othe activities the MInistry is responsible for protection of property rights. Top

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Ministry of Labour and Employment

The Ministry has been established with the purpose of ensuring that the country adheres to International Labour Standards by promoting and facilitating employment opportunities, skills development required by labour markets, sound labour relations management,tripatism,social dialogue, social justice, healthy and safe working conditions, and accessible and timely dispute resolution for all stakeholders.Top

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Ministry of Communications, Science and Technology

The Ministry aims at providing affordable, sustainable, accessible and reliable communications services and be aprovider as well as a resevoir of technological know how through research and development, coordination of innovatio, to accelerate ecenomic growth and improve quality of life.Top


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The Ministry is mandated with provision of quality security  services to the country and its citizens at large.Top



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