Title: Strategic Management Framework Development
Type: General
Reponsible Agency: Lesotho Revenue Authority
Issuing Date : 02-04-2014


Strategic Management Framework Development

The LRA has just completed implementation of its 3rd strategy which came to an end on March 31st 2014 and thus paving the way for a newly developed 5 year strategy which will run until 2019.  The first strategy 2003/06 was developed under the founding Commissioner General Mr. Kevin Donavan through the assistance of consultants, as was the case with 2006/09 strategy. Building internal capability to enable LRA to develop its future strategies was very key during the development of 2006/09 strategy.

This ideal was successfully achieved since the 2006/09 strategy was developed in-house and so was 2009/12 though the latter was cut short due to change in strategic direction and thus ushering in 2011/14 strategy.

Although the Authority developed its last two strategic plans in-house, there have been a number of shortfalls that were experienced during this period especially around the implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

The Authority has therefore brought on board a company known as Decision Processes International (DPI) to assist the LRA in addressing these shortfalls and to help build a robust Strategic Management Framework which will stem from Strategic Planning, Budgeting, Training, and performance management.

The primary objective of this project is to build the capability that shall allow the LRA to autonomously develop and implement its strategic plan in a controlled, repeatable and deliberate manner. The secondary objective is to develop the next strategic plan, as well as the 2014/15 Corporate Plan, in all its facets. The project started in November 2013 and shall run for approximately 18 months, including post-implementation activities. Progress made since then is huge and the new strategy has been successfully developed and was officially launched on April 2nd by the Commissioner General. Currently divisions are busy working on divisional plans.


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