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Procedure NameImport permit

Import permit



  1. For Donations the applicant attaches the letter of donation, recommendation from the commissioner’s office  (412.12)  M3
  2.  In a case of Technical Assistance the applicant attaches letter of agreement between the applicant and the government or the institution assisted (412.11)M3
  3. In a case of employees for Multilateral International Organisations, applicants have to attach the proof of employment. M3
  4. In the case of returning residents or non-residents with an intent to stay for a period of two years or more, should submit registration documents for the imported vehicle. M1, the vehicle should have been purchased within twelve months prior to the return. One vehicle per family will be rebated, the rest will be taxed. M1
  5. For consignments imported for the purposes agreed between SACU member States, the applicant should obtain Recommendation letter from the Commissioner Customs (Miscellaneous 4&5)
  6. For goods imported by Diplomatic Missions and for personal Diplomatic Representatives accredited to a Diplomatic Mission and members of their families under rebate 406.02 / 03/05/06/07. M6
  7. Goods imported for personal or official use by the Prime Minister and His Majesty the King. M7
  8. For goods imported by the Government Ministries (Ordinary Levy)

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Issued under Export and Import Control [Amendment] Act,199603-06-201403-06-2014Ministry of Trade and Industry, Cooperatives and MarketingThis is Dowload File
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Import permit clearance of imported goods at borderPermit RequirementMinistry of Trade and Industry, Cooperatives and MarketingImport permit clearance of imported goods at borderN/AImport Restrictions (Amendment) 200901-01-9999