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A measure may also be a permanent prohibition to import or export certain products (for example, psychotropic drugs) or a temporary prohibition for health protection or other reasons or to enforce a quota.

You can find out what measures are currently in force in Lesotho by using the search facilities below. Where a measure applies to specific commodities, these will also be listed.

A measure is normally enforced through a legal instrument such as a law or a regulation. The relevant legal document is also shown against each measure below and you will be able to view the full legal text by clicking on the link.


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Special Requirements

By using the search facilities below you will also be able to look up any generic requirements associated with specific commodities or products, such as the need to obtain an automatic or non-automatic import license prior to importation.

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NameEnforced ByTypeValidity FromValidity To
Special Custom and Excise warehouse - 810Lesotho Revenue AuthorityLicense Fee06-03-201431-12-9999
Specific Drawbacks and Refunds of Customs Duties and Fuel LevyLesotho Revenue AuthorityDrawback/Refund01-03-201331-12-9999
TobaccoLesotho Revenue AuthorityRestriction10-12-198210-12-9999
Trader Firearms Import PermitMinistry of PolicePermit Requirement01-01-196601-01-9999
Traveller Firearms Import PermitMinistry of PolicePermit Requirement01-01-196601-01-9999
Wreck - 825Lesotho Revenue AuthorityLicense Fee06-03-201431-12-9999